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Come browse through some of the local scenery, activities, animal life that you can expect to experience here in Petersburg, Alaska.

The New Petersburg Alaska Fire Station

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Petersburg’s newest fire station was a much needed addition to this little town. Built in 2012 solely with state funds, this fire hall is over 18,500 square feet of fire fighting space. As you walk in the side entrance to the building you are greeted with a glass display which contains all the trophies and awards the fire station has achieved from attending various fire conferences and competitions. Of the 65 volunteer fire fighters only two are paid staff. The garage can hold 3 fire engines, 1 rescue truck, 2 ambulances, 1 search and rescue truck and 1 administrative pickup truck. There are two sleeping quarters and two shower rooms to the facility. There is also a conference room that can sit up to 42 people comfortably with tables and chairs. The conference room has a sound system, and a roll down screen. Its impressive to see these volunteers work. These fire fighters work extremely hard in addition to their daily lives to ensure that all the residents of Petersburg are safe and sound. My hat goes off to all these hard working volunteers and I can’t begin to thank them enough for all that they do to make this little town what it is. Everyone should hug their volunteer firefighter today!

Annual Petersburg Alaska Tree Lighting Ceremony

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As we came in to fall here in Petersburg Alaska we turned our focus from selling homes in Alaska to the magic of the holiday season in down town Petersburg. The annual tree lighting ceremony this year was a hit! The weather cooperated and we were able to all gather with candles lit to watch the tree lights turn on for the first time. Kids ran around and everyone huddled close as the local Petersburg Viking band played holiday music and Santa made his special guest appearance. There truly is no place else to be during this time of year then Petersburg Alaska when it comes to holiday cheer!

Petersburg Alaska’s Homecoming Game

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Homecoming – A very big deal for all high schools and all high schoolers. This year in South East Alaska, the Petersburg Vikings welcomed Wrangell to the basketball court to kick things off. It was a well attended event. Wrangell is a town located to the south of Petersburg Alaska, just south through the narrows, situated on Wrangell Island. Its a short boat and bus ride for the team and its supporters. The Petersburg Vikings dominated Wrangell in basketball this weekend. The school dance was held at midnight on Saturday giving the Vikings’ win even more something to dance about! The band played, the cheer leaders led and the crowd went wild. We took a break from selling homes in Alaska to watch the spirit of this homecoming unfold.

The new Petersburg Alaska Public Library

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Selling homes in Alaska is not the only thing that is new and interesting these days. Petersburg Alaska welcomes its first fall/winter with the opening of their new public library! The construction took a little over a year and is quite the draw with kids of all ages! There is a toddler room (which has some sound proofing) complete with computers and a corner for toddler story hour. There is a communal corner in the main body of the library with fireplace and chairs. There is a “teen room” which has diner-like seating and fireplace and coffee-shop tables around. From the stone entry to the exposed wood beams – this library truly is a gorgeous building. The people who work here are very friendly and accommodating and if there’s a book you can’t find they will order it and have it in within a week.

Halloween in Petersburg, Alaska

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It was a beautiful starry night in the land of Little Norway! Halloween was kicked off by quite the spooky party at Petersburg’s Sons of Norway hall which hosted its annual event. Over 200 kids and their parents showed up to partake in the games and enter the costume contest. Residents baked home made Halloween treats for all to snack on while games were held all along the perimeter of the hall. There was even a fortune teller! So many great costumes! After the party at Sons of Norway kids went out and hit the streets for some trick or treating. It was a beautiful night with no rain which made going door to door and begging for candy a very pleasant experience. Happy Halloween everyone! From your friends in Petersburg Alaska!

Petersburg Alaska’s Oktoberfest Art Share

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Petersburg’s Oktoberfest Art Share was held the weekend of October 26th and was very well received. Local Alaskan residents exhibited their hand made-home made wares in the community gym of the Petersburg High School gym. Among the unique items for sale were home made jellies, candies and food. Beautiful jewelry and wooden spoons, natural locally-derived salves and ointments and survivor bracelets were some of the popular items for sale as well. There was a large food court in the Parks and Recreation craft room which sold everything from Asian food to potatoes to support the Petersburg Girl’s Basketball team. An annual tradition to not be missed and a great shopping experience for early Christmas presents!

Photos of fall in Petersburg, Alaska

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What a beautiful fall we’ve been having here in Petersburg Alaska. The devil’s club are turning brilliant shades of yellow and the trees around town are aglow with the colors of fall. Its a wonderful time of year to be here. Fisherman head out for fall dungeness crab fishing while others go diving for sea cucumbers or geoduck clams. Those who are not fishing are busy hunting and putting up meat for the winter. Fall sports are upon the student athletes and concerts are being well attended for honors choir and band. Seen below are some pictures from around the island.

Petersburg, Alaska by resident photographer Katie Holmlund

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Katie Holmlund, a local Petersburg resident, is quite the photographer. Here are a few of her photographs that she has taken around town. Mrs. Holmlund has been featured in the following magazines:

Processing salmon at the Petersburg cannery

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Petersburg fisheries, AKA, Icicle Seafoods is one of the largest seafood processors in Alaska for over half a century. Peter Buschmann, a Norwegian immigrant, built the original cannery, docks and saw mill in Petersburg. He saw promise in this land due to its locality with the LeConte Glacier right around the corner. Mr. Buschmann was able to capitalize on chipping ice from the glacier’s edge to pack on the boats that held fish to be sold south. In 1910 the town of Petersburg (which is named after Mr. Buschmann) was incorporated. Our town celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day in memory of our founding father and many of its residents. The PFI cannery is alive and well today, setting record highs this summer for the catching of salmon. Petersburg is ranked 15th most lucrative fishing port in the United States by volume according to the National Marine Fisheries Service.

A few scenes from around the town of Petersburg

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Petersburg is populated by a little less then 3,000 full-time residents. That number almost doubles in the summer when the cannery is in full gear and the small cruise ships sail through town. This town is off the beaten path from the major ports of call; there are no ports or docks to accommodate the larger cruise ships. As a result there are very few tourist shops and the local culture can be seen throughout the town all year round. Everyone in Petersburg is very friendly and will stop and talk for any length of time. The sense of small town community is very strong here. Each resident looks after the other and helps raise the children collectively. Truly a great place to raise a family and call home!

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